Some Nice Things our Customers had to Say ...


"You set a great standard for pickups at the airport and are a welcome addition to the standard parking options. Things have gotten much better and cheaper since your firm started up. Thanks." - Mike Macdonald

"Boy did I try the Park 2 Go at the right time! That was fabulous! My flight was cancelled Monday because Palm Springs got hit with the worst rain of the century so when I came home yesterday it was absolutely thrilling to walk up to a heated car. They dusted it off, cranked up the heat and even had the radio on. Too bad they didn't go home and clean the driveway too! That took over an hour. I will spread the word when I can about the service. Excellent. I am converted! Thanks again!" - Joanne

"A parking service in the 21st century. One of the other great things I like about Park 2 Go is they are plugged in to the 21st century. When I am ready to head out on another HTG meeting or business trip, I can simply visit the Park 2 Go website and book my reservation at a reduced rate for booking online."

"The fact that you start my car for me so it has a chance to warm up is just the best thing! I love it and your staff and service is great. Thank you." - Marilyn Sawka

"I will not have any hesitation to park my car with you in the future and will recommend to my friends to do the same. Thank you." - Boja Kosmak

"The service was excellent! Just awesome! Never had it any better! Recommend it to every traveler." - Luke & Jantiena Bos

"Worked great this past week. That is an excellent parking lot. I would recommend them to anyone." - Cameron Christianson

"Service was great - thank you." - Susan Scott

"Your service was outstanding, as usual. Thanks." - Mike

"I was part of the Corus Trip to Vegas. I had never used Park2Go before. It was truly fantastic. First, the fact that I did not have to park myself and then wait to be picked up while stranded in the parking lot. Second, your driver was courteous, professional and friendly. Third, when I arrived back, there was a line-up of shuttles to take us back, no waiting. Fourth, your shuttle staff insisted on handling my luggage is fantastic. Fifth, my vehicle was waiting and ready when I arrived back to your lot. Sixth, no complicated check-out, just drove out. Overall, an impressive experience over other valet services. I certainly will be using Park 2 Go again, I travel again the beginning of May." - Kevin Olfert